starting an induction motor


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Can anyone explain to me how to calculate the starting current of an induction motor?

I have a 400kw generator connected to an induction motor, its nameplate as shown:
200kW delta/star
230/400 V
629/362 A
995 min-1/r.p.m
50 Hz induction motor.

i have a soft starter but at starting it seems that the starting current > generator current so i need to calculate that current and how can i start the motor.


1) What is the Nameplate Inrush factor, kVA/Hp, of the motor?

2) What is the Motor driving?

3) What is the starting-current limit presently set into Soft-Start Controller?

4) Is type of AVR is provided with Gen-Set... typical- or fast-response?

Phil Corso
> 4) What system voltage, i.e., 230 or 400Vac?

it's ac system. i wrote all the data on the nameplate, so I'm asking for help.
Home... The 400kVA gen-Set should be adequate to start the 200kW (~270 Hp) motor using a Soft-Start Controller.

Unfortunately having just nameplate-data is insufficient for a proper analysis! Can you provide the additional information requested?