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Curt Wuollet

Hi all

Pitr was kind enough to remind me that I've been lax in posting status. I have been spending some time coding and such with some small success. I haven't been online much as it aggrevates the problems I have been having with my vision. I've been character based mostly for a couple of weeks and have actually got some things done that I been wanting to do for a while. Here's a summary:

Got the map displayer running with the dio48 board and added a kludge to input values (write to the map) and seen them reflected on the card. It's a single process at this time and it goes like a raped ape. I am updating to the screen

three times per second with 10,000 I/O updates between each screen update.
I don't know if this is really the case yet. I haven't put a pulse generator and scope on it yet to verify that the card is actually capable of this, but, that's what the software is doing. That's 24 inputs and 24 outputs scanned in about
33 microseconds. Seems a little fishy, but putting ones and zeroes on the inputs does change the map. I will mail this code to anyone who wants to look at it.
I have begun to split the processes up and share the memory map. For test use I am using an external (outside Linux) shared memory map that is very simple. I want to get the displayer as one process, the I/O as another proc and the keyboard input as a third. I want to name the bits with #defines and add a simple solver function that does C boolean operations. At that point we have a complete simple PLC. Then we put Jiri's smm in the middle. I don't understand it well enough yet to put it in now, but, with some help from Jiri and the rest of you we'll get it done. I'm sorry I haven't been able to do much interaction for the last few weeks, but they say Bell's palsy is supposed to go away in six weeks max and it's been three. I hope it can be a good thing to get things done but, I regret the lack of online discussion and I hope you'll bear with me. I haven't looked at Jiri's demo yet and I feel a little ashamed about that too. I have to go to civilization (the Twin Cities of Minneapolis
and St. Paul ) tomorrow for some tests, but I should get more time for coding ( and reading, Jiri :^) ) than a "normal" day out of it.



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