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Hi all

Been kinda quiet lately on the software front. I thought I post a few items I've got and get a status update out. I've been fairly busy lately and I haven't heard much from Jiri so the progress has kinda slowed.

A while back, Sealevel Systems expressed an interest in their PIO boards working with lplc as a second source for 8255 based I/O. I had some correspondence with one of their engineers and they expended the effort to check the dio48 driver
out and verified that it runs on their board. It was neccesary to use an old release of Linux with that driver and make some small changes. Since then, I found the CIO-DIO48h driver by Sam Jasper that works with current kernels. I am looking for a volunteer to check out the Sealevel board with the current software. They had offered a board for evaluation and here's a chance for someone who wants to check out the software, but doesn't have a board to kill two birds with one stone. I will provide contacts offlist. First mail wins.

Second, I just read an article about the project in Motion Control magazine, the June issue. It was authored by Tom Bullock, Thanks Tom. I'll send him a note, it was a pretty good write up.



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i'd be interested in checking it out...i finally have a project at work requiring linux and programming. i hope to use some of the stuff lplc is doing, but primarily i'm building an HMI system for communicating with AutomationDirect PLC's. of course, starting with opensource code means keeping it opensource, which is something i wasn't sure if i'd get approval for or not -- alas, i did.

working with the sealevel board would be a good chance to evaluate the code as well as the product. i've used their RS485 boards, and i'd be interested in trying out the DIO board.

rob martin


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