Steam Escaping from Passing Valves


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I am field operator in a combined cycle power plant. when i am working near the boiler area some times its tooooooo noisy because of passing valves, steam is escaping so through it. sometimes with my visual and physical and hearing observation i can able to find the passing MOV (motorised operating valve), and i will isolate the upstream isolation valve. but its some times very hard to find the passing valve in a huge boiler (its tooooo noisy) thus wasting more demin water in the form of passing valves.

So, i like to ask you guys are you following any other techniques to find the steam leaks other than visual, physical and hearing observations? like using any portable equipment to find out the steam passing valves any other? please suggest. even i know if MOV downstream is hot this way also we can find the passing valve.

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There are several steam trap leak detectors that may well work across valves as well. Cypress Envirosystems, Emerson and others make them.

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You could invest in a cheap thermal imaging device-they are available as low as $100. They will tell you immediately if a valve is leaking through. lots of them have effective ranges of 50 feet.