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Satish Salankimatt

I am working in 10 mw power plant and here the formula used to calculate compensated is

Qc = Qa* sqrt(((p+1.013)/(p1+1.013))*((t1+273)/(t+273)))

Qc is compensated flow
Qa is actual steam flow from tx.
p1 is orifice designed pressure.
t1 i orifice designed temperature.
p & t are actual pressure and temperature.

Kindly tell me whether this formula is correct.

Or help me by giving the correct formula for calculating the compensated steam flow.

Thanks, Satish
There are Multivariable transmitters in the market that will do compensated steam flow measurement based on DP,P and T inputs. These
multivariable transmitters use ISO 5167 and ASTM tables for the flow calculation. Whats more, the flow calculation is done at the
transmitter level doing away with DCS/PLC computation. Check "": for the Rosemount 3095MV flow transmitter.