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Help gang.

We're trying to get a machine up and running using Steeplechase VLC 6.0.2, and it's driving us nuts. We modeled the system on an old machine in the office using VLC 5.2 and an old NE2000 card without problems. By the time the customer was ready to roll with the project 6.0.2 was out and that's what we're trying to use.


VLC 6.0 CD with 6.0.2 floppy disk upgrade installed. Single-board CPU with embedded RealTek 8139 NIC. Automation Direct H2 Ethernet bases for I/O. W2K with SP3 and without any service packs


Every time we create a project with the Koyo drivers installed it fails to go on-line.


The most serious problem we've noted, in our minds at least, is that after enabling the Real Time TCP/IP on the card (tulip chipset, and RealTek is a radio button in the list) we cannot ping the IP address. If the TCP/IP stack is dead, it makes perfectly good sense why the Koyo driver can't find the base and go on-line. But we can't figure out how to troubleshoot the TCP/IP stack.

One thing we have tried is to install a 3Com 3C595, which is also on the list of "supported" cards in the Real Time TCP/IP radio buttons. This does energize the card and bring the link light on when you reboot the machine, but again we cannot ping the IP address from another box. (And the Koyo driver 6.24 help files say it only supports the tulip or NE2000 chipset, not the 3Com card; unfortunately we cannot remove the RealTek tulip card since it's embedded in the SBC.)

As of this minute we're trying to format the HDD and install VLC 5.2 to see if we can get that to work with the RealTek card, but it's rather unlikely since the CD claims the Tulip driver is broken. (I've also ordered a few more NE2000 cards just for fun and games. We used the old one for something else and don't have it anymore.)

Anyone gotten this to work correctly in the new VLC? Got any suggestions about what we're doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Michael
Michael R. Batchelor - Industrial Informatics, Inc.
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