Step Transformer 230 to 480 volts

Hello there, this is my first post, i want to buy the Phenix Loss Core Test model CL60B, but it needs 480 volts single phase and 60 kVA to work, i don't have that voltage, so I want to try something; I'm fixing a power plant of 230 volts three phase of 115 kVA, and I would buy a step up transformer to have de 480 volts, and I would feed the Loss Core Tester with only 2 phases, I now that the Generator it has to be bigger but I only need to test a motor of 2000 HP, (The Tester that i want to buy is to test motors of 2500 HP) so the charge i won't be the entire 60 kVA, it would be around 50 kVA, so my question is: Do you think that it would work? How many kVA the step up transformer it has to be?

Thanks for your help
1) From an economic point of view I suggest higher voltages, i.e., 230/480, because it requires smaller windings, hence smaller physical size and cost.
2) Capacity... based on what you said was the the minimum required, i.e., 50-kVA !
3) Perhaps less, if you can provide a typical duty-cycle, during a typical 24-hr day !
4) Remember, keep in mind there may be periods of unusual operation !
Regards, Phil Corso
Whether Kevinchelo's source is 230-V, 1-ph or 3-ph doesn''t matter. The Phenix Core-Loss Tester requires a 1-phase, 2-wire, 480-V input!
Phil Corso