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Gianluca Petrocchi

Hello, this is Gianluca Petrocchi from Italy, posting for the first time. I'd need a hand in learning step5 commands working with a notebook pc. I began by myself but now I can't find the way to modify an existing project; I think I should use particular function-keys, but I don't know them. Thank you very much. Regards, Gianluca Petrocchi

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Which version are you using. The most important key is the INSERT key. All the commands can be found from the drop down menus or are listed at the bottom bar. The Function (F1 - F12) have different functionality based on the combination of the keys used ie
1) Function Key alone 2) Ctrl+Function Keys 3) Shift+Function Keys etc.

Try downloading the Step5 manual from the SIEMENS web site:

Good Luck