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I am working on an application that seems especially well suited to using a stepper motor and drive. Could you comment on who the top 3 suppliers are in the stepper market in terms of performance and reliability. I am looking at a motor that will produce about 200 oz-in at 16 RPS in a size 34 frame and a fairly generic drive (direction and pulsetrain type inputs).

So far I have talked to Compumotor.

Thanks for opinions...

Mike Adkins
Electro Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Dodson, Michael G

I have used Compumotor for years and have never been dissapointed. Their Zeta drive systems are excellent and would do exactly what you want.
well u can contact to "rs-component"
just click on the google put RS component string and u can visit all kinds of motor.
hope it helps

Cameron Anderson

The Top 3 companies for Motors & Drives are:
1. Superior Electric "": (Danaher Co.)
2. Pacific Scientific (Pac-Sci) "": (Danaher Co.)
3. Oriental Motors "":

The above listed manufacture their own motors and controls

Other motor mfgs:

Other Control Companies
(Do not make thier own motors):
Industrial Devices, Compumotor, Nyden, IMS,
API Controls, AMCI

Cameron Anderson
Motion Control Specialist
St. Paul, MN