Stop Code 0100H on Modicon Compact PLC


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Roger Valmadre

Hello all,

We've got a Modicon 984 Compact A145 installed on one of our locomotive brake vans, and it wouldn't go into "run", instead bringing up Stop Code 0100H.

Upon checking the processor manual, we were unable to find the code listed. We saved the program from the PLC to a temporary file, downloaded another program to it, and were able to start it. Then, the original program was downloaded again, and the PLC was able to be started without problems.

Does anyone know what a Stop Code 0100H means? (I might add that we are certain that's the code it produced.)

Kind regards,
Roger Valmadre
0100H is No EOL (end of logic) detected or Bad number of segments. Since this error occurred in a running controller, most likely there was a power interruption. The fix for this is usually re-cycle power or reload the program. Which you did.

Since the A145 is running off of a DC power supply, any interruptions in this power can cause improper shutdowns and corruption of menmory. No EOL is such a corruption.

Modicon Bob