Storing trends/alarms/events for longer period-ABB800xA


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Our setup is having ABB AC450 controller with 800xA system. I am looking for system to store alarm/events and trends for at least 6 months.

If i choose ABB historian...what is the expected amount to be paid for this arrangement if I assume i need to store maximum of 1000 tags? Is there any other system cheaper or better than ABB historian server.
The name is PGIM..not easy to configure, but it will store all data you want..separate license to be purchased :)
You should be able to store 6 months of 1000 tags with the basic log configuration aspect directly on 800xA computer node hard drives. It doesn't get any cheaper than that since you have the system.

If you want a more feature rich historian environment you can get the ABB Information Manager or the ABB PGIM (Power Generation Information Manager). Both are different licensed products. As you might expect, the PGIM is what Power Generation users are directed towards. Other users are steered to the Information Manager.

Since the 800xA is OPC compliant, you can use anyone's historian.

Unlimited options.