Strain gage Instrument HBM UPM60 attached to LabView 5.0

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Francesc J. Garcia i Rabella

This is my first time building VI with LabView.
In our PC we had installed an Advantech PCL816 card to measure 6 analog inputs with LabView 5.0, and at the same time we pretend to read up to 6 channels from the UPM60. I think the optimal solution is linking the PC and UPM60 with a GPIB card and not with RS232 port. Does anyone know how
to do it? Will LabView detect UPM60 through the GPIB? Is it difficult read from UPM60-GPIB while reading from Advantech PCL816?
Thank you very much.
Francesc J. Garcia i Rabella
(Electronics and Instrumentation Tech.)
Politechnical University of Catalonia
Laboratory of Elasticity and strengh of Materials

To talk to any device from LabVIEW, whether it be via serial or GPIB, you'll need a driver (usually in the form of VIs) for that particular device. Unless of course the protocol is simple enough and you want to implement it yourself in the VI.

Unfortunately, I do not have much experience with GPIB; I recommend that you post your question on NI's LabVIEW forum at:
I am sure someone will answer your query.