StratoPi Interfacing and Data push

Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. I am looking forward to learn Strato-Pi and interfacing sensors with it. I am actually working on existing system.
The system consists of 4 RS485 based sensors/instruments to calculate wind, radiation, temperature etc. At present they are connected with strato pi and its data is being send to a server(i think) and we can view that data on customized dashboard. This whole thing was setup by a project vendor including the dashboard. At that time there was no need as such for what i am looking now.
Now i have a datalogger which has its own dashboard to view sensor data. What i just need is that the StratoPi module which is sending data to a webserver should also send the data to the datalogger. I have modbus Id and address of the instruments/sensor, mac address of StratoPi.
Kindly guide what needs to be done in this regard. To access and program the StratoPi so that it can push the data to datalogger as well.

P.S. StratoPi has been assigned a static ip address in network.