String not found problem InTouch 5.6b SP2


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Hey all you control nerds,
We are running InTouch 5.6b (Servicepack 2) under Win95 and have about once in a month the following problem with the Windowviewer (View.exe) . Intouch is communicating with a Siemens S5 via Profibus FMS. On the PC we are running a Profibusserver from Softing V4.0.
InTouch 5.6b is also communicating via NetDDE with another PC.
The following message pops up:

1. "PROFIBUS string not found: 24417"
OK ->
2."NETDDE string not found: 24417"
OK ->
3. "WINDOW VIEWER OUT OF MEMORY - allocate failed"
OK ->
4. "Assertion Error - Make note of Error File ndpopup.c Line 667 -
OK ->"Assertion Error - Make..."
NO ->"VIEW close/ignore",
ignore ->"Could not find/load real-time trend",
OK ->
Reboot PC-> System OK!

We have different types of error messages regarding this problem. But every time the problem occurs the "String not found" message is
between all the messages we receive.

We already dropped a note to Wonderware. They unfortunately have never heard of the String not found problem. They suggested to define the virtual memory like they advised in their Tech Note 90 (Configuring Virtual Memory Settings to Avoid "Out of Memory" Errors and System Problems) Unfortunately the changes did not help. Has anybody of you already faced the same problem?
Hi Thomas,
Just contributing some idea that might be helpful to you.

1. Check for viruses

2. If possible, reinstall all softwares (Windows 95, Wonderware, drivers, service packs) and check if the errors persist. When installing these, you need to uninstall Wonderware first. Do not install Windows 95 inside Windows 95. You should erase the old Win95 first. But if you decide to format your drive, you don't need to uninstall them.

3. Increase your RAM if possible. This might eliminate memory error.

We also encounter this problem (but not as complex as yours) and we eliminated it when we formatted the drive and reloaded all the necessary softwares/drivers.

Anthony Kerstens

View out of memory? Once a month? And rebooting solves the problem?

It sounds like a memory leak. The only way around that is to find the offending program (it could be any program running on that computer) and see if there's a patch to solve the problem.

It may not even be a Wonderware program that is leaking memory.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.