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Michael Little

You folks may want to take a look at the stuff available from iMatix. The stuff is generally free, WORKS, and is simple to use.

I have personally used Libero for some telecom applications. This is a finite-state-machine code generator. It takes a little to get your head
wrapped around to their mind set, but the stuff is simple. They even developed their web server, Xitati, using this stuff.

They also have a GSL product. Never used it, but if it follows the legacy of their other stuff, it is tuff to beat.

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Curt Wuollet

Hi Micheal

Yes, I agree. I brought that up on the list a few months ago. I doubt that I'll be writing the solver and in any case a state machine is a ways down the road, but libero was very interesting. I was going to try to play with it a bit, but got sidetracked. I have a fondness for state machines.



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