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Roberto Feliciano

I have to do a final year project about substation automation. There are no books about this! So I'm trying to find some material on web including estudy cases, examples, etc.

I had worked on a Sub-Station automation project when I was with Square D. The customer, Commonwealth Edison, Chicago, bought several and had done alot of engineering and study on the project.

Look for information from Modicon, Schneider Electric, or Square D on the subject, see their WEB site. Our solution used the Modicon 984 controller with 125VDC power and logic cards. ComEd also utilized a TASNET data collection system in the project. TASNET was in Florida, I don't know if the are still in business.

Ahmad Nazir Ahmad

Well you can consult one of my collegues at the following address

[email protected]

Mr. Zia Khalid has just finished a substation automation project in Dubai. He was technical lead for automatipon part.

Kiel-1, Larry

Hello Ali. I was not able to access the web pages that you have referenced below. Would it be possible for you to elaborate a little more with regard to what magazine you are referencing? We have several substation automation projects in work here at Kennedy Space Center and I would be very interested in how other industry designs are being implemented. Thanks.


Larry Kiel
Kennedy Space Center

Jacques Benoit

Hello Larry,
I finally figured out how to fix the URL's provided by Ali. Simply copy them to Notepad, put them back on one line and take out the extra space. I am including them below. They should work now, unless the messaging system breaks them again.




Jacques Benoit
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