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We have got 2 columns in our plant. The flow from 1 column goes to another column through a 1" line.

The pressure of the upstream column is more than the downstream column and hence we are able to get the flow The columns are operating at 150 Degrees Centigrade

We want to measure the flow of the liquid going through the 1" Line. Actually the liquid flowing through the 1" line is a liquid with some amount of solids which is viscous in nature.

We had installed a Flanged Tap Orifice plate ( Segmental Orifice) to measure the flow but it did not work as the the tappings used to get choked frequently due to the solidification of the slurry material.

We even provided steam tracing at the tapping points but still the Orifice meter tapping points would get choked.

As Orifice Meter did not work. We tried the Magnetic Flow Meter (Rosemount Make 8700 Series ) but the flow measured by mag flow meter fluctuates over a wide range hence performance of magnetic flow meter was also unsatisfactory.

Somebody suggested to install Mircromotion Mass flow meter but i believe it will not work.

Can anyone suggest what type of flow measurement device should be used to measure the flow in such service which is comprising of Liquids with some
solids percentage.


Daniel Chartier

Hello, Ravi;
In a recent project we have had to use a Endress&Hauser ultrasonic flowmeter in circumstances that resemble the description of your problem: gelatin slurry. Temperature was lower though, I don't know if it would affect the meter... Anyway, we got excellent results as it is a non-contact measurement (goes through the pipe); it is also relocatable which allowed us to use it for tests at different points in our process. Check it out through your local distributor. I think the main point is the outer lining of the pipe itself; it has to be permeable to sound waves.
Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier
The application you are describing is extremely similar to applications where we are using coriolis flow meter – MicroMotion from Rosemount -and it has been working perfectly for the last 2 years.
The magnetic flowmeter should have worked well. What is probably happening is that you have a very large amount of entrained air or gas in the line, and the line is not always full.

If this is the case, you will not be able to measure the flow any better with any flow device.

Try deaerating the flow first, and see if the performance of the magnetic flowmeter "improves."

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Jimmy Saldivias

Sounds to me like an ideal application for non invasive ultrasound flow measurement.
You have liquid with suspended parts on it, so you can use doppler measurement with good results.
The limitation is you will have an accuracy of 1 to 3%.
If this is what you want, I reccomend you to visit a website of the several ultrasound manufacturers: Dynasonics, Polysonics, Fuji and a bunch of others.
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I would try clamp on ultrasonic meters but be careful here. There are big differences between manufacturers even though all may look the same.
Try to get a transit time meter that uses a cross correlation principle so that it will discard error information when solids pass and signals become low or scattered, and also one that can shift from Transit time to doppler mode when needed - this can be very useful when transit time does not work and nothing else can be used except a doppler.

Khan, Mohammad

Hello Ravi:
Try Endress Hausser coriollis meters. No pressure drop and high accuracy. Ideal for these applications.

Abhinav Rawat

Hello Ravi,

If you are still interested in finding the solution to your flow measurement problem kindly browse CiDRA's website at

We have developed a award winning clamp on flowmeter which can handle a variety of medium including slurries.

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