Suitelink problems


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Francis Gaudet

The system is laid out as following:
One computer (PC1) with the communication card and the I/O server installed in
Two HMI computers (PC 2 and 3) using Intouch 7.1 and accessing the I/O server
(Siemens H1CP1413) via suitelink.

The problem:
On PC2 a motor shows off (bit = 0)
On PC3 the same motor shows running (bit = 1)

This is not happening only for a few seconds, it remains like that until the
bit changes value. It is also happening on different motors. Analog readings
seems OK.

PC2 and 3 were replaced and the problem persist
Make sure the wonderware suitelink service is running.

Run the application and go to a command prompt and type:
slsping <hostname> <appname>
If your computer name is PC1 and your appname is Motor then type:
slsping PC1 motor

This should tell you if your service is running and if it is functional.

Use the wonderware client to view your suspect data point. Check your wonderware logger for any suspect messages.

Good Luck
Are the motors linked to the exact same tag name??? If not is one of the tags set as direct acting and the other reverse acting?????
I would suspect that your application is currupted in the PC's that give the wrong information. Try to delete all the compiled InTouch programs and recompile the application.

Are you using NAD in your development? If so, try to delete the contents of your NAD directory and run NAD again.

Hope this helps.