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mohammad qasim

hello every one...
i need support on annubar used to measure flow.

my unit system using annubar and dp transmitter and also rotameter to measure flow of mixed gas in pipe line radius about 17 inch and original manual of transmitter setting show that dp range from 0 to 34.5 MMH20 my problem is as flow:
1-the output of rotameter flow where i should connect it on high side of dp or low side.
2-why this system using rotameter (what is the advantage of rotameter in such case).
3-what is the setting of N2 regulator using in rotameter system i should be set.

best regards.

Rohit Chandak

I couldn't understand your question especially the relation ANNUBAR has with rotameter. I am sure both this products are used on two different applications. Kindly clarify to support you on your application.
Could it possibly be a nitrogen purge line? Slurry service or suspended solids service has used purge lines on DP impulse lines to keep the impulse lines open and clear, like that shown here:

The purge line uses a differential regulator and sometimes has a rotameter.