Support Request / System 800xA / 4.1.0


I have the 800xA system installed in a BMS application at a power generation plant. Currently, the system is operating with one CPU (PM865), and they are acquiring another CPU to enable redundancy.

So, I wanted to request your important assistance if you could help me with information on the steps to enable redundancy. Do I need to have the same firmware for both CPUs? And how could I downgrade the firmware in case the CPU version is newer than the one I have installed? Also, how can I verify that the digital input and output modules are supported for the firmware?

Attached are the system details:

- Windows XP Professional SP2
· Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition
· ABB Central Licensing System 4.1.0/0
· ABB Central Licensing System Extension 4.1.0/0
· ABB Control Builder M Professional 4.1.0/2
· ABB Firmware for AC800M 4.1.0/2
· ABB Industrial IT 800xA Core 4.0.0/1
· ABB Industrial IT 800xA Core 4.0.0/1 Service Pack 1
· ABB Industrial IT 800xA Core 4.0.0/1 SP1 Roll Up 3c
· ABB Inform IT - Application Scheduler
· ABB Inform IT - DataDirect
· ABB 800xA Instructions
· ABB Asset Optimization 4.1.0/0
· ABB Base Software for Soft Control 4.1.0/2
· ABB Engineering Platform 4.1.0/0
· ABB 800xA AC800M Connect 4.1.0/2
· ABB OPC Server for AC800M 4.1.0/2

Let me know your comments.

Wellington P.
The firmware should be same on both the CPU/controller . From CB you can enable the redundancy and download. Once the redundancy is in place , you can upgrade to new version using OLU .