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Ken Crater

We've been asked by one of the editors at Control Engineering magazine to help out with a survey they're doing for publication in their June 2001 issue. The survey is on the topic of service and support in our industry, an area that seems to be in the process of dramatic change. I'd encourage you to participate -- the results should be interesting. You can get to the survey at: There's more information about this survey in a note I received from Dave Harrold, the Senior Editor who is running the survey -- see below. Regards to all, Ken Crater, President Inc. [email protected] ======================= Control Engineering editors have been listening at user group meetings, conferences and seminars, and through e-mail. We've heard some dissatisfaction with post-sale service support, perhaps resulting from mergers or use of systems assembled using commercial hardware and software. Some say suppliers don't understand user needs. Are we only hearing one side? Is post-sale service support what you want, need, and expect? Do you feel you're being listened too? Who's providing the best service and why? Control Engineering magazine is offering readers an opportunity to participate in a control and automation service support survey and then read in the June 2001 issue how your service requirements and expectations compare with others in the same industry working at similar size companys. One of the things you'll notice in the survey is what appears to be a significant amount of personnel data collection, but be assured there is no hidden agenda. This survey is not developing demographics and email addresses to sell. It's just that we aren't sure what to expect in the way of responses and we want to be able to slice the information several different ways in order to develop meaningful results that hopefully lead to users receiving control and automation services that more closely align with defined needs and expectations. Those completing the survey may provide name and contact information for a chance at one of five $200 e-gift certificates (elgibility requirements are included at the top and bottom of the survey). ==============================