surge protectors for Remote Input Output network


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alejandro macias

We are having trouble with lightning in an instalation with AB´s Remote Input Output network damage in Block IOs), so, I´m looking for surge protectors to solve our troubles, can somebody help me?
The surge suppressors we've had good luck with from Transtector ( are the FSP4002NR model.

Transtector's website advertises the FSP4002MC part number.

The "4002" model is required for Remote I/O because the voltage between the blue and clear wires may be as high as 20 volts, so a 25 volt clamping level is appropriate.

The difference between the "NR" and "MC" models is that the older "NR" had threaded screw posts for connections, and the "MC" has plug-in modular
screw connectors. That makes installation a lot easier.

A-B doesn't necessarily endorse these products, but my experience has been uniformly positive with them and they've solved some tough installation problems for our mutual customers.

Good luck,

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle

Bob Dannenfelser

Suggest you look at AEGIS power protection products sold by Cutler Hammer. They come in all sizes and we have standardized on them in our MAXX
Controller products.

Bob Dannenfelser
Controls Business Unit Manager
Mottley Enterprises