SVS Sonar (Tritech)

Bit of a long shot, but does anybody have any information on the protocols over the SVS ATR 240 Sonar module? ( I think Tritech bought out SVS about 15 years ago) > I do have a service call into ask

In the meantime, I understand this unit has a CAT5e network port, but the data may be ASCII. It might be similar to the Eclipse Multibeam sonar.

Ideally, I would like the protocol manual, if such a thing exists, so I can look at decoding the raw signals with a PLC (CODESYS).

Our ship's hull design won't allow a different-shaped unit to be mounted without some structural work that would need to be done in a dry dock, so I am stuck using these older units.

Unfortunately, we have 5 of these on a ship in Brazil (I'm in the UK), so it's not easy for me to hook these up and Wireshark the output.