Sw and hw for upload from TSX P67 425

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Dalibor Muratovic, B.Sc.E.E.

Hello to everyone on the forum,

we have a customer with an old TMQ TSX 67 40 PLC with the P67 425 processor. The configuration also includes 9 AXIS modules of the type TSX
AXM 162 (single-axis control). The controller was put into operation in 1995/6.
We need, for diagnostic reasons, to upload the program, but don't have either the software or the connection cables (and/or PCI cards)
necessary. Would you be so kind to help us with the following:
1) what is the software needed for uploading and monitoring of the program from this type of PLC (including monitoring of the AXIS modules)?
2) what is the hardware (the cable, and/or the PCI card) for connecting a PC (with the above software) to the PLC?

We would appreciate your help very much.

Best regards,

Dalibor Muratovic,
UMBRA software

Fernando Capelari - Schneider Electric B

First of all, you will need a PC with OS/2 operating system. The software that program that PLC runs only above OS/2.
Package of software needed: XTEL (the actual version is 6.1), PL7-3 and PL7-AXE.
XTEL and PL7-3 comes together in one CD package, part number TXTCDXTLV61E.
PL7-AXE comes separated, in another CD, part number TXTCDPL7AXSV6E.
Please check these part numbers with your Schneider distributor. They can be replaced by another one. I am looking in a catalogue from 1998.
The cable is a kit part number TSXTAC03. It includes an adapter from current loop to RS232.

Hope it helps,
Fernando Capelari
=S= Brasil

Dalibor Muratovic

Mr Capelari,

thank You very much for Your reply. It was very helpful.

Best wishes,

Dalibor Muratovic,
UMBRA software