Swiming pool temperature control with solar collectors and a boiler


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Artur Palha

I have a swiming pool (with 1000 m^3) that is already heated by a boiler through a heat exchanger. The temperature control is made using a temperature sensor that controls a bypass valve in the circuit that runs from the boiler to the heat exchanger.

I'm planning to install solar collectors and a new heat exchanger to tranfer the heat from the collectors circuit to the pool. My question is: How do can I control the pool temperature? I to put the solar heat exchanger in series with the existing one. So that the water would be preheated by the solar system and then the boiler would give the remaining energy.

How do you advise me to control the pool temperature?

Thank you.
Preferentially use the solar system, controlling the capacity using a similar modulating three way valve to achieve temperature. When that system is at maximum capacity and more heat is still required, start ramping in the boiler capacity and modulate to achieve temperature.
Simple rule is, don't use the boiler unless the solar is at max. When the boiler is in use and less heat is needed, reduce the boiler contribution first. When it's been reduced all the way to zero and even less heat is
needed begin modulating the solar.