Swipe Cards and SCADA on Windows NT


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Ranjan Acharya

Has anyone out there implemented a "swipe card" security scheme with an NT-based (NT 4) SCADA system?

Specifically RSView and Wonderware as the two primary examples.

Any experiences or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

About 3 years ago we did this for the supervisory control system for Power Generation control on Niagara Falls. This was implemented in VTS (on NT4) using the alternate security access plugin to the VTS Security Manager. As this application had "DCS level" requirements that exceeded that capable of RSView and Wonderware (Hot-Backup out of the Box, On-Line Real Time Configuration, Multiple User Configuration at Once, 10K alarm storms, Objects tailored to Power Plants, etc.) I don't believe these products were even investigated for this relatively minor feature in the project scope (Only VTS and the installed Unix-based system were bidders). The swipe
system worked out well as the same card the operators used to open the doors to the secured control areas were used to login to the SCADA system. This might be a good feature for you to investigate for your app, if applicable.
Since I am not prescribing exactly what you are looking for (I just wanted to let you know it can be done with PC based SCADA packages), email me if
you would like the name of card reader ( I have to dig it up).

Good Luck.

Barry Baker, P. Eng.
Makers of VTS Software