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Stumbled upon this forum and thought someone here might have an answer.

I have a client with 12 Square D Model 400 processors. The old laptop computer running the DOS programming software crashed. The original discs cannot be located.

Is there a source for this programming software? Does anyone have a copy of this vintage software?


Jeremy Pollard

Take the harddrive out, and extract the files using a USB/2.5 inch external case.. using file recovery software should yield results!!:)

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Michael Griffin

To start with, Square-D is Schneider. Try calling them.

Secondly, a hard drive "crash" can mean many things. The disk might still be readable even if it won't boot from the hard drive. Try booting the computer off an MS-DOS (or FreeDOS) floppy disk. If the disk is still readable, you should be able to get the files off it and onto the floppy (although this is a slow process).

You can also try just plugging the disk into the power and P-ATA cable inside a regular PC (a lot of PCs still have P-ATA for things like CD/DVD drives). You shouldn't have to buy an external enclosure for this.

The big problem is going to be if the software is copy protected with a disk based copy protection system. That file is intended to be difficult or impossible to copy without special equipment.

Jeremy Pollard

True enuff Micheal ... that darn copy protection .. but I have found that some functions such as uploading can be done without the copy protection present - guess it depends...

Determining if the 'crash' is boot sector related vs a trashed drive is important!!

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