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R. Scott Frink

Many of my clients have legacy SYMAX PLCs. Since merging with Modicon I have not been able to get in writing a firm date for the ceasing of SYMAX support and sales. Does anyone have such information? My information consists of 2003, but that is a verbal.


R. Scott Frink

Gary Hoskins

The company I work for used the SyMax 500 & 400 series. I will give some of what I have heard I believe at one time the Obsolete date was 2003.
Rumor has it they had a Major Auto Manufacturer which used quite a bit of the SyMax Equipment in their manufacturing and they kind of gave Group
Schneider some good reasons why they might want to extend that date a few more years.
I have never really heard all of the details and no firm dates but suffice it to say they will support the SyMax line beyond 2003. How long it
will be will probably be contingent upon who is continuing to use this equipment and how much buying power they have. Most areas of our company
are beginning to phase out the SyMax line. It was an excellent product line in its day.
Scott -

The SyMAX product line is still alive and well for us at Square D Company. By this I mean that it is still being sold as new, and being supported via our Tech Support and Repair & Exchange processes (800-468-5342).

Schneider Electric / Square D's standard 2/8 support policy is defined as: 2 years notification regarding End of Active Sale for a product, and to provide technical support and spare parts for an additional 8 years. At this time, we have no plans to announce the End of Active Sale on the SyMax Line in general. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me, or your local Square D office.


Jeff Jervah
Manager, Automation Product Marketing
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dale e. still

Delta controls provides sales and service on the entire Symax line, including class 8881.

Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.

FasTrak SoftWorks continues to sell and support PLC programming software for the SY/MAX line. We plan to support this software for years to come.

Check out a demo at and call (414.358.8088) or email ([email protected]) for details and pricing. This is the original software that Square D brand labeled as SY/MATE Plus.