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Ariel Burbaickij

Hallo forum participants,

I would like to create symbols similar to
those found in Symbol Factory (buying the
Symbol Factory itself is out of question).
The symbols should be ActiveX elements.
I would like to get a bit of assistance from you and would like to ask some questions.

1) Have anyone created such symbols by
2) What techniques have been used for graphics?

3) What techniques have been used for assigning
properties, defining methods and events?

4) Is it possible to see some examples in form
of source code?

Yours sincerely
Ariel Burbaickij

Bill Townsley

Yes, I have done this. I used Visual Basic to create an ActiveX component. Pretty easy once you start. My first one took about a week to do (big learning curve). After that, probably about 3 or 4 hours per component - fully tested. You can create whatever methods and events that you want.

Visit for help with VB applications.


Bill Townsley

The activeX component (code and graphic) is built in VB. The object can then be used in any ActiveX friendly application like most HMIs, MS Excel, etc.