Synchronising APT and InTouch databases


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Is there an engineering tool which will allow me to synchronise my APT database (TI545) with an InTouch database? If so, where can I obtain a copy from? Appreciate any prompt response. Kind regards, Joanne.

Milen Petkov

Hi Joanne,
I had one project with Wonderware InTouch 7.0 with TI545 using Ethernet card for communication. If you are using the same hardware like my project i could send to you the driver for Ethernet card.
Hi Milen,

Thanks for your prompt response. I would really appreciate any help you could give me with this.

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Brent Alford

If you're still interested . . . . I think you are looking for a way to generate WW tags from marked (for translate) APT tags. There used to be two tools to do this. One was from Standard Automation ( and the other was from ISD ( I never used either one but recall them costing about $500