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I am now working on graphical programming tools for the LPC, and I could also set them up to produce files for the PuffinPLC. It will take me a
few weeks to get them done. I can figure out the formats by looking at the CVS source, but I would appreciate it if somebody could write up a spec (Curt might be a good candidate). If you are interested let me know, otherwise tell me that C++ and Java should not be part of the Puffin project.


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Curt Wuollet

Hi Hugh

I wasn't kidding about opening it up and GUI's are one of the areas where I have never opposed alternative tools. (Within reason :^))
But, to tell you the truth, I don't know what the solver is going to look like or what the output code of the tools would have to be. I have my own opinions, of course, but what I suggest is that you collaborate with Dave and Mario and Jiri and perhaps Dan and try to figure out just what the solver should work with ie. will we use a
common solver that runs the stuff output by the language tools or is each language going to output executable code to be ran as a
process or ?. I understand you are running an interpreter and Dave will output C and I think Dan would like to see something friendly
to states and transitions. This makes it look like each language will need to be standalone but it wouldn't hurt to brainstorm a little up front. Our competition allows combining FB with RLL, etc.
I really like the concept of a logic 4GL something like GE's "State Logic"(tm.) with explicit support for C modules so I don't have to solve fft's with relays and I can add dataset types, etc. Such things have not really played well in the automation marketbut that's why National Instruments is cleaning up, they didn't
start out with limited horizons.



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