System Hanging Problem in Advantech Industril Computer


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We are using advantech Industrial Computer with mother PCA 6277 dual processor and Intel Pentium 3 Processor.System RAM 1 GB.

The system getting hanging after one r two weeks we cannot do any operation on the system.
As system is connected to the network the C&D drives of the system can be accessed from any other systems.What could be the problem?

Please suggest me solution to slove this problem.
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Marc Sinclair

Hi, I assume from the reference to C and D drives that you are using a windows operating system, and therefore the answer is, that this is probably normal.

Don't get me wrong I have used Microsoft DOS for some quite critical tasks so I am not anti MS, it is just that Windows is neither licensed or suitable for industrial tasks.

Just because people are bored with complaining, doesn't mean that the problem has gone away.

Marc Sinclair

Curt Wuollet

Obviously, the PC is not hanging up, the hardware is still functioning. And at least some services are available, so the kernel is running. The GUI has crashed, if by operations you mean that it does not respond to the mouse or keyboard. Suspicions there would be a leaky video driver or normal Windows behavior. It is unlikely to be a hardware problem with a run of two weeks and it is also unlikely that you will ever find out what's wrong with the software because it's a binary only, closed system. I would try using only the drivers that come with Windows as a test. This may support only low resolutions, etc., but it will establish if a third party driver is the problem. Bear in mind that Advantech, as populsr as they are, have several orders of magnitude less users for both their hardware and software, and a bug that takes two weeks to crash things could well fly under the radar for quite a while. On the other hand, it may have nothing to do with Advantech. It would not be unusual in my experience that Windows itself simply won't run for more than two weeks on that particular combination of hardware and software. In that case you will probably have to do what others do and boot periodically to head off the crashes.


Brian E Boothe

U could have a heat issue, #1, or u could try and reseat your DIMM ram in the unit, or a software Issue, what O/S are u running? is this PC on a
network? Are u Connected thru a Router? what protocols u have enabled in the TCP/IP settings? just post a few more answers here, and try the above. thanks.