System Integrators in Trinidad ?


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Rick Lynn

I am looking for a system integration company in Trinidad to do industrial control projects. PLC and HMI. Anyone know of any ??
There must be at least 10 places called Trinidad in the world. You'll probably find one in every south and central american country.

David Alvarez Quiroga

I think Telvent had one control centre in Trinidad Tobago. They are system integrators from Traffic, Transportation and Oil & Gas, among others.

Juan Calderon \(USB\)

I don't know about systems integrators in Trinidad, however you can find a lot in Venezuela which is very close to Trinidad.

Should you think this is an alternative let me know.

Juan Calderón.
MCL Control S.A.
Ph. 58(212) 238.2996, Ext. 119.
Fax. 58(212) 232.1223.
We are a engineering company (instrumentation, electric projects and system integrator) located in Brazil. We working in North, South and Central America and we have interest in sent to you our company profile.
Please, contact us.

[email protected]

We are a systems integrator company located in Venezuela, and we will be please to provide our services for you.

My email is: [email protected]

If you provide me your phone number, I will call you.