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Jansen, Joe

Does anyone know of a "screen saver" that will lock the KB and mouse, requiring a password, but still let me view what is on screen? I have some
software that reports data from the production lines back to my desktop, and I would like to be able to see it continuously, but I still want my KB/Mouse to lock while I am away from my desk.


euhmz.. dont know about x but in most grafical interfaces you can create a transparent window and fullscreen that, there you can control keyb and mouse and stuff..
I found an automation utility called Automate
One of the options is to build an action that will lock the keyboard and mouse allowing access only with a password. This allows you to see the screen (assuming you have screensavers turned off). You can make it so that even after reboot it will lock the keyboard and mouse. This product has a wealth of other helpful features, I
highly recommend it.

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I have seen a program called DeskTop Lock. It was used successfully on an AB RS View project to keep people out of the operating system.

Jon Linch

Johan Bengtsson

I suppose you talk about some windows flavour and if that is the case my guess is that the OS don't really permit that. Reason: The OS handles what windows to be drawn and when and when a screen-saver is activated no other window ever get the chance of drawing itself, completely regardless of what the screen-saver suggests. This is only a guess however and some tricky deep digging might
reveal something useful.

You *could* write a screen-saver actually showing the production data exaclty the same way as the original program shows it. Provided that you know how to write a screen-saver and have the source for the original program of course.

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Daniel Boudreault

I been attempting to write this so called screen saver just for the fun of it. I got a screen saver running, but it still allows the user
access to the system... by making the screen saver see through, it actually lose its mode...

I can to a screen capture, but then to update, I will have to hide the screen saver, and capture another screen... in this instant, it will allow user access to the system for a brief moment...

Dan B.

Anthony Kerstens

I know you're looking for a software solution, but if it's only for your own desktop, why not just unplug the mouse and keyboard? It might work
for you until someone discovers that they just need to plug 'em back in. :)

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Daniel Boudreault

Here are the files for the "screen saver" I wrote. I only tested it on my Win 95 system. It requires VB5 dll, which can be downloaded from
various internet sites.

app_r1.Zip is attached below and is attached to the next message.

Dan B.

Daniel Boudreault

Hello Rob,

>This won't work under NT as NT uses a separate video page for its

What are you talking about? I never heard of NT using separate video pages for anything. Maybe for games where you need flicker free screen animation.

It is not really a screen saver anyways. It is more of a security type of application. It only gets triggered by the operating systems screen
saver call.

>Good try for Win 95/98 though :)