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communication with omron c28k how do i do it from labtop to plc .cable diagrams? in picture form would be great.

David Wooden

You will need a 3G2C7-LK201-EV and a C500-CN221-EU cable configuration.

The pinout is as follows:

25 pin D-Sub 9 pin D-Sub
PLC side PC side
SD 2 -------------------------------------------------- RD 2
RD 3 --------------------------------------------------- SD 3
SG 7 --------------------------------------------------- SG 5
RTS 4 -+
CTS 5 -+
+- DTR 4
+- DSR 5

+- RTS 7
+- CTS 8

-+ : These pins are connected together on the same end of the cabel and are not connected at the other end.

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Correction..... The number should read 3G2C7-LK201-V1. I guess I stayed on the shift key a little too long, producing a "#" instead of a "3" ;oP