hi please can help me alme trip MBA 00EZ110S/SOE/XT1

What kind of process is associated to this T3000 is it a Gas turbine as it looks like a KKS number that you shared ...then as we do not have signal exchange list I cannot add more at the moment..

Try to look for signal exhange list or alarms/trips list from OEM /Vendor..

thanks but the trip for first alm MBA 00EZ110S/SOE/XT1
and incrise pression décharge compressor 16bars in 3bars please help me

You should listen/read carefully /closer what I am writing on my latests posts...

I advise you to get the OEM manual like alarms /trips/signals exchange list ...

Dont you have such documents ( from OEM/Vendor) ...would be difficult to troubleshoot without them
Okay so you got the necessary document..

It is explained in French about compressor surge detection/protection..

You may have a faulty transmitter or another issue at site ...

Try to troubeshoot the mentionned pressure transmitters..

Did you have another alarm/code fault message displayed ...

Looks like it is a surge issue or other control system not well tuned..

So check also if any other alarm fault annuciated through Siemens control system installed...

I dont have access to the installed program on this unit , so i cannot state more on this thread...