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Jim Cai

I was told that there is software tool which may work with some HMI packages to help you create tags efficiently.

For example, you can just drag a PUMP and drop into your definition and the tool will create all the tags and alarms associated with the pump for you .

Does anyone know who may have the tool ?



Mark Chadwick

There is one I have used for Use with Intouch along side S5.
Called The Siemens Step 5 (S5) Tag Creator this little app S5 Tag Creator reads the Assignment List from an S5 programe for the following information:

· Creating flags
· Inputs
· Outputs
· Peripheral inputs
· Peripheral outputs
· Counters
· Timer
· Information about the data blocks to be used

To create data blocks, the S5 tag creator also needs the addresses, comments and data types of the data block fields, stored in the Export file.

But as for drag n drop...not heard of anything as yet..

There is a product sold by a company called ISD (www.inside-isd.com) that will automatically build an Intouch, a fix and a Wincc database using the data supplied by a programming package used to program the Siemens 505 plc.

The Siemens PCs 7 package also has a tag tranlation utility. The tags and alarms are defined in the programming package (ES-Tools) and then when the translation is run then tags and alarms are produced automatically. The HMI for PCs7 is WinCC
automationX has such a development environment, however the object, called an "automation class" contains all of the HMI, pop-up displays , Control
(PID, logic, etc.), I/O, trending, alarming, doc'n & rev history. There is no limit to what an automation class can contain, but they are typically grouped as a pump, valve, motor, tank, I/O block, database coupler, modbus comm block, and more.

System configuration then is simply taking the classes you need and plopping them on a page.

Paul Jager
Wonderware InTouch also has SuperTags, which allow definition on equipment templates (pumps, motors etc.)...once the template has been created, you can create all of the tags by creating a single tag and reference the template for which you need to create....of course, they have a tag creator for S5, S7....as well as an OPC Tag Creator