Tag not getting found in Honeywell Experion HMI

Hi, we are using HC900 series PLC of Honeywell C70R controllers in redundant architecture. Hydbrid control designer is being used for PLC programming. New tags have been recently configured in PLC program & their mapping also done in Custom Modbus mapping table but new tags are not being appearing on Experion HMI. There is Modbus TCP communication between PLC & operator station (having Experion HMI).
Can anyone pl. suggest how to get new tags on HMI?
Because Experion is a Honeywell DCS label and the facts of life are that the DCS world does things their own way, I don't know whether an "Experion HMI" is getting its tags and data from a DCS server on a live update basis or whether an Experion HMI operates like a conventional HMI that is configured to query the controller directly to get its data.

Whichever it is, either the DCS server or the HMI internal configuration (or maybe both) have to be updated with the information that are new tags in the HC-900. Hybrid Control Designer does neither of those tasks, it talks only to the HC-900 controller.