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Lee Fook Choon

Dear Sir/ Mdm,

I am an undergraduate studying in National University of Singapore. I am currently working with a consulting firm as a attachment program.

I am actually doing a research into the feasiblity study on measuring of horizontal tank with software application. And I hope to gain some advice from your expertise.

I am wondering if there is any reliable softwares that can evaluate the volume and depth of the tank?

Though I have found a few softwares on the internet, it seems like most of them do not take into account the correction factors and deadwood volumes of the tanks. Thus resulting in the lost of its accuracy.

If you have any information regarding my question, may you kindly provide me your advice. Thank you so much.

yours sincerely,
titus lee

Bruce Durdle

It depends on the accuracy you require. If you are trying to calculate volumes very accurately, you need to go to some pretty extreme measures.

It is **possible** to calculate the contained volume versus level for a horizontal cylindrical tank with semi-elliptical ends, as long as it is perfectly horizontal and has no internal hardware - stilling wells, filling or emptyiing pipes, strengthening rings, etc.

If the tank is not perfectly horizontal, you start to move into very difficult territory. And if it is a large tank, you will get some effects as the liquid rising exerts pressure on the walls and makes the vessel expand.

There are commercial firms who will prepare strapping tables for your tank. These may be done using a laser interferometer put into the vessel and left to scan the internal dimensions. Another way is to actualy measure the amount of liquid used to fill the vessel and note the corresponding level - this can be done as part of a flush procedure if you are dealing with petrochemical.

This probably doesn't help you much!


Tanweer Ahmed

Hi Choon,
Its not only the software but the major role is played by you measuring instruments like level sensor, pressure sensor if the fluid is compressable and the temperature sensor if your fluid has considerable thermal coefficient. If you get these parameters correctly and precisely into your computer only then the software will do what you are looking for. In fact you can define all the formulas and correction factors by yourselves. And in my opinion it will be much better than using a ready made software.

Tanweer Ahmed
[email protected]

Toni Kaesbeck

Check http://www.coggins.com for tank gauging software FuelsManager.
API and ASTM of "correction" is in there.
For detailed theoretical information check ASTM and API on the WWW.


Toni Kaesbeck
E+H Systems & Gauging,
SIC Asia Japan