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I need to measure the volume reading in a new horizontal cylindrical tank (hollow and flat both)? Can you help me out with formula for marking the reading in tank?
Be aware that the tank may not be truly horizontal - in many cases, a "horizontal" tank is inclined slightly to allow it to be drained. If this is the case, the formula becomes very complicated. Also, formulae derived from the basic geometry will not provide for any internal fittings, manholes, or other departures from the ideal. Depending on how rigid the vessel is, it may change shape due to hydrostatic pressure while filling.

The best way to check is to do a controlled tank filling exercise - meter water into the tank and record the resulting level. If the fill liquid has a density that is a lot different from that of water, it is probably best to use the final fill liquid. It is common practice to use "strapping tables" derived in this way even for vertical cylindrical tanks.

i have a tank measuring
2820 diameter
7570 length

i have already calculated the volume in liters but i need to do a chart of 1mm increase because the dipstick is 1mm increase. i cant find any software to generate as low as 1mm. can anyone help?
Open a spreadsheet and enter in following cells...

A1-->Tank Diameter:
A2-->Tank Length:
B1--><i>[tank diameter value]</i>
B2--><i>[tank length value]</i>
C1-->Liquid Height
D1-->Liquid Volume

Copy cells C2 and D2 down as needed.

Formulas are as used in Excel. Adapt as necessary if using another spreadsheet application.

Tank Diameter and Length must be in same unit.
Liquid Height will be in same unit as preceding.
Liquid Volume will be in preceding unit cubed.