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Ranjan Acharya

One of our customers has asked for an idiot proof one-button tape back-up
solution for backing up an InSQL database.

This is not a scheduled back-up, but driven by an event from a SCADA package
(Wonderware). When the line goes down, one of the operators will press a
button on one of the SCADA screens, and the back-up will happen in the
background. There should be no dialogue boxes, no pop-up windows et
cetera -- just the normal SCADA display.

We would like to do something very KISS without resorting to SendKey
routine, complicated scripts and so on. All the back-up packages we have
used so far are great for scheduled activities but lousy for unscheduled
activities -- there is always at least one dialogue box that needs an "Ok".

Any ideas?

Thank You

Hullsiek, William

I would setup a SQL-Server Job for performing the backup to Disc.
(Allocate enough space on your disk space). A more fail proof method is
to purchase a separate hard-drive for database backups.

Once the job is tested with SQL-Server, you can then write some VBA
based code to use DMO - database manipulation objects to activate the JOB.
You may need to write some code to see if the Job is already running.

Lars Ericson

I've done a lot of backing up however never anything like this! Tell your customer to take a course on InSQL and MS SQL Server and learn how to do it properly... And if you cannot do that well... The Wonderware tale about zero administration is not *really* the truth...

I would create a SQL Job in SQL Server that takes care of the tricky parts of backing and closing some InSQL database files and then moves them to another directory. Backup SQL Server data. Use NT Backup utility to move the lot to a tape and spit the tape out once it has finished.

Then I would use SQLAccess functions from within InTouch and let the button trigger a script that lauches the job. The SQL part looking something like:

EXEC sp_start_job @job_name = 'MyStrangeBackupWithAButtonJob'

The you also have to take care of the problem of the operator being to impatient and not waiting for the backup to finish but continuously hammering the button...

But please, try to convince you customer to make backups as they are intended: scheduled and not by chance.

Lars Ericson