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I try to connect Tatsuno Dispensing Pump to computer. Connection via RS485. But I don't know the protocol. I try to send 4 byte ($04 $40 $51 $05) from my computer and the pump send respond $04. The response from the pump just 1 byte. I need to know totalizer display and current liter displayed on the machine. Any one have that protocol??
COM Setting: 19200bps, parity EVEN, data bit 8, stop bit 1.
Hi, now i have same problem. Specially, if i tried to communicate with tatsuno dispensing pump, it always sent me a (ramdom?) data, that i could not understand, what was that mean. Could you help me please?

I need this one, because frend of mine buy tatsuno dispensing pump and she want to make connection with PC.

Dispensing pump will transmit the "power on" text after conducted the sequence below during power is on and send the text to console. After console receive the text from dispenser console will operated the text then send back to dispenser if operated results are tally both the console will control dispenser all most command code. If unsucceeded the operatedresults within three times the console could not be able to control the dispensing pump. The text of $04 is indication of abandonment of the right of the transmission from dispenser.

I am having difficulties setting this tatsuno pump into a mode wherein it will accept commands. Using a commericial controller, I can put it in that mode and i can send any command. Does anyone know how to set the pump into online mode? Anybody having the same difficulty?

Use code 18 to select connection with POS.
0 .. Offline (no POS connection)
1 .. Multiwire connection
2 .. Autometic change from multiwire to RS485. When the power is turn on
3 .. Serial communication

I believe this is using remote. I have already set the pump for pos connection using the remote. To explain further, I'm sending data to the pump trying to set it in a mode wherein it will accept commands like preset the volume in liters or amount or reading the dispensing status of the pump. I cannot find the right sequence of dec/hex values to set it in that mode. A commercial controller card can do it and using such a controller, we can set it in that mode. I then disconnect the controller card and only then can I send any command I want and it works. And so, I need the sequence of bytes. I have dumped the commands sent by the controller to the pump and when I send them, they do not work. I believe there is a timing issue here.

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Dear All, Could you please to send me tatsuno dispenser protocol? I need to communicate with my dispenser. Thanks for your attention.

Respected Sir,

The information given by u regarding the POWER ON procedure for tat dispenser is very true according to the protocols.

But what to do if the procedure is not completed successfully, including the three times retry?

whether we've to switch off pump/pos and again follow the same procedure?
Dear All,

Is someone knows how to calculate the text message sending from the pump? so I can reply with the correct text to the pump to start the communication between the pump and the system.

Dear Somchai,

Can you tell me how to calculate the "power on" text from the tatsuno pump, so I can reply with the correct text to make a communication works?

I use CRC16 but still can't send the right text to the pump.

Does Tatsuno have a table for responding the "power on"?

This will happen in which situation?
i guess,when controller is on, pump is off and pump is getting powered on.
is it right?

Thanking you
After you operate the "crc" formula from the dispenser you must the crc to dispenser by addition for the upper byte and lower byte of crc and convert to unpack data then transmitt to dispenser.

Example: crc = 2081H --> A1H -->4131H this is data of crc for send to dispenser

I have the same problem. Please help me. I need the same solution.... Thank you...

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