Tatsuno Dispensing Pump protocol


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Simon Wahyudi

Hi All,

Thank you for many responses that I received before.

Actually that is the problem what I faced now.
I am new employee and my company asked me to get the data from RS-485 Tatsuno dispensing pump protocol.

My company did not have any information at all about Tatsuno dispensing pump, due to when our company bought the dispensing pump, our company
did not received the manual, even we have 14 pcs the dispensing pump.

I already asked to Tatsuno Company in Japan also their local distributor and they do not want to give me and they already make me fool.

Due to I will lost my job if I can not do what my company need, I try to capture their RS-485 communication that we already have before from
them. And I already know almost all the protocol like Pool Charecteristic, Addressing for each terminal, BCC, Control character, etc. Only one that I can not solved that I already send before to this list.

if anybody interested further to help me how to solve my problem, please contact my e-mail directly. Also I need good Serial Protocol Analyser/Communication watch/scope Software for RS-232/RS-485, If anybody know please inform me.

Below, I send again about my problem, same with before. I need to know the relation/equation/conection betwwen Column1 and
The rest protocol I already know.

The rest protocol I already know.

Column1 Generate by Dispensing Pump (Question)
Column2 Generate by Computer (answer)

BQ00DA72 =3D BA008D
CQ00AE90 =3D CA0075
DQ00966C =3D DA006E
EQ009D3C =3D EA0001
FQ00B57F =3D FA00AA
GQ009C8E =3D GA006B
HQ0056B5 =3D HA009D
IQ003A31 =3D IA00EE
JQ002BD3 =3D JA004C
KQ0033BA =3D KA00E4
LQ00B4FF =3D LA0077
MQ00AD30 =3D MA0024
NQ004F48 =3D NA004A
OQ004C26 =3D OA00BF
PQ0030DE =3D PA0007
QQ0015EF =3D QA009A
RQ001339 =3D RA0024
SQ001442 =3D SA0039
@Q00D076 =3D @A0049

@Q009CD5 =3D @A00B2
AQ000913 =3D AA000A
BQ009EFD =3D BA005C
CQ00D0AB =3D CA002B
EQ00807D =3D EA00D2
FQ00FB98 =3D FA00B4
GQ00D92F =3D GA0099
HQ008732 =3D HA0019
IQ00956E =3D IA0046
JQ00B6F7 =3D JA0078
KQ00CAB8 =3D KA0080
LQ003930 =3D LA0094
MQ00479E =3D MA00FA
NQ007E43 =3D NA00A8
OQ00A7D2 =3D OA0051
PQ00B92E =3D PA0081
QQ00D459 =3D QA00C3
RQ00C274 =3D RA00FF
SQ00B8DF =3D SA0012

GQ00EA0C =3D GA0067
HQ003512 =3D HA003E
IQ00201E =3D IA0052
JQ006062 =3D JA0086
KQ0079D1 =3D KA0081
MQ006500 =3D MA0087
NQ0026B2 =3D OA009E
PQ001056 =3D PA00A2

@Q002967 =3D @A0056
AQ00998C =3D AA0091
BQ0073E9 =3D BA0079
CQ009D83 =3D CA00B5
DQ008127 =3D DA001D
EQ00A1B9 =3D EA0007
FQ007B5A =3D JA0097
GQ005A2F =3D KA0079
LQ00877C =3D LA00F0
MQ009B21 =3D MA00F6
NQ003C42 =3D NA00CF
OQ00540D =3D OA004F
PQ00EEE5 =3D PA00E4
QQ00FEF5 =3D QA0084

@Q00AFBF =3D @A00E1
AQ00FB81 =3D AA002F
BQ00C640 =3D BA00DD
CQ00CA3B =3D CA008E
KQ00235D =3D KA0038
LQ0013BE =3D LA0047
MQ000F5E =3D MA0041
OQ005C8A =3D OA004C
PQ000DED =3D PA0020
QQ00070C =3D QA00F8
RQ00806A =3D RA0007
SQ004C44 =3D SA00CA

@Q0025A0 =3D @A0062
AQ009680 =3D AA00C5
BQ00FFB0 =3D BA00B0
CQ001017 =3D CA00CF
DQ00EF9A =3D DA0002
EQ00338A =3D EA0053
FQ0008F3 =3D FA003F
GQ002F12 =3D GA00CC
HQ003C9B =3D HA0013
IQ007B8D =3D IA0025
JQ0096EA =3D JA0051
KQ00A825 =3D KA0017
LQ00C2F9 =3D LA0046
MQ00E300 =3D MA008F
NQ009453 =3D NA00E5
OQ00A7CE =3D OA006B
PQ00D20E =3D PA002E
QQ00D015 =3D QA00D8
RQ0098EB =3D RA00F3
SQ006955 =3D SA008D

@Q003C60 =3D @A001D
AQ00A37A =3D AA00B8
BQ00589B =3D BA00D5
CQ00807F =3D CA00FD
DQ006DC0 =3D DA001F
EQ009184 =3D EA009C
FQ005282 =3D FA00A9
GQ00561C =3D GA00F4
HQ008580 =3D HA0025
IQ00AAA2 =3D IA0090
JQ007021 =3D JA008F
KQ009144 =3D KA0063
LQ004788 =3D LA00FF
MQ0059C0 =3D MA000F
NQ000A40 =3D NA00FB
OQ00424A =3D OA00E2
PQ00E39D =3D PA0018
QQ000007 =3D QA00ED
RQ005FD3 =3D RA00D8
SQ005184 =3D SA00F5

Thank you


Carlos Rodriguez

Pardon, I don´t speak English
I have the Tatsuno protocol in paper fotocopy. I scan this an send you for E_mail. Sendme your E_mail if you have interest.

Carlos Rodriguez.
From Valencia (Spain)

I too have a similar problem to you, in that I cannot obtain details of the pump communications protocol.

I would appreciate if you could send me a copy of the protocol, to

[email protected]

Many thanks,