Taxas PLC TI545 communication with WinCC


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Does it possible to commincate TI545/555 with WinCC through Ethernet?

If yes then what are the hardware/software required in WinCC SCADA system?

I would be obliged , if anybody can reply to my above quories ASAP.

Thank you !!!
This shouldn't pose any problems because these PLCs are manufactured by the siemens group like wincc. The drivers for and license to use the wincc/ti TCP/IP connection should be included in the standard delivery of wincc.
It is very possible.

You require the TI Channel driver for WinCC. Ships with the Simatic Net package. You can use the standard TI ethernet CP cards and WinCC CP cards. Just install the driver off the cd, configure the CP card in the PC and the PLC to the required IP addresses, then just configure WinCC for the TI tags by selecting the add new driver option on the tag management menu, select the TI channel, then add the relevant V memory addresses as tags....

Yes, just use an OPC server. You can get one from Siemens (they own the 505 line of PLC now).