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In the late 1980s when PLCs were first being adopted, both Allen Bradley and Modicon had dedicated terminals for program development. These tools had special keyboards and simple screens. They could be connected to the PLCs for Ladder Diagram development and loading. They could also be connected to printers for documenting the programs.

At that time, they were all we had, and the available features were quite limited. In particular it was not possible to include comments or headings, or cut and paste repeat program sections.

Several independent companies developed PC based software tools that could not only duplicate the system supplier's terminals, but added powerful extra features. One such company was Taylor Industrial Software from Edmonton in Canada. Unfortunately this company has merged with others and is no longer in business.

Does anyone still have the installation discs for this company's Allen Bradley PLC-2 products.

We are trying to resurrect an old system. We have all the data files, and the Taylor installation discs, but not the Taylor "Key Disk." Without this disc we cannot do anything.

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Hi Bob,

thanks for this "Clue". I will contact Schneider after the week end.

>Last I heard it was still supported by Schneider at least sort of.
You may be out of luck. taylor was bought (eventually) by ICOM software, who was bought by Rockwell and became "Rocksoft", then eventually just Rockwell Automation Software Div., supporting the Rockwell (Allen Bradley) PLCs. PLC-2 software was still available for a long time, but now the problem is, the platforms it was able to run on are no longer supported, i.e. MS WinXP or NT.

Here's some info on it in the A-B KnowledgeBase:

Or you can try contacting your local Rockwell support and wade through the system to see if there is anyone that still knows if that is available. I know their Field Support Engineers are still able to get into old PLC-2s, even old PLC-3s, but they have to keep old DOS capable laptops to do it, and keeping those alive is getting more challenging by the day.
Hi JRaef2,

Thank you so much for this link.

Unfortunately my 18 year old Rockwell ID and password do not give me permission to view the text. I have tried the local Rockwell office but they are a bit slow.

Can you send me another link or even forward me the "Answer 7832" by direct e-mail?

My e-mail address is [email protected]
Peter Green
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>Thank you so much for this link.
>Unfortunately my 18 year old Rockwell ID and password do not
>give me permission to view the text. I have tried the local
>Rockwell office but they are a bit slow.
>Can you send me another link or even forward me the "Answer
>7832" by direct e-mail?
Unfortunately, the referred link requires a Techconnect support contract. which has a cost. Contact your Rockwell local office, to see if they can help.
Old message, let me know if you still need help. I worked for Taylor Industrial Software, and still do, although we are now part of General Electric. I am not saying I can definitely help, but I may be able to get you in contact with someone that can.

blayne.watt (at) ge.com

-Blayne Watt
Senior Software Engineer
General Electric