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Laurence Barton

Approx. ten years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to use a plc programming suite created by a Canadian Company called Taylor.
Taylors programming app was where Allen Bradley has finally arrived at with RSLogix. No web-hits for a Talor URL or even a trace. Anyone else have a similar experience?
Taylor Industrial Software was purchased by Total Control Products a few years ago and since then was again purchased by GE Fanuc automation.

I am not sure of the current status of the programming software you are looking for but you should ask your local GE rep for help.


Humberto Nunes


A few years ago, GE Fanuc bought Total Control Products which also owned Taylor. Schneider then bought the Taylor PLC software for Modicon from GE Fanuc. As for the Allen Bradley portion of Taylor, it may have been discontinued since most of the Taylor software merged with GE Fanuc.

You may want to contact a representative from GE Fanuc to check the status of this software.

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Humberto Nunes
One of Taylor's main product lines (ProWorx Plus, ProWorx NXT) for Modicon programming was purchased by Schneider a couple years ago. The company changed their name to Total Control Products as well, and have since been bought out be GE-Fanuc. There are still some products available with the Total Control brand name, but as for programming software I don't know. I believe it's all been merged in with GE-Fanuc's Cimplicity.

Here's one link I've found:

Steve Myres, PE

In 1996, Taylor merged with TCP (MMI manufacturer), which still maintains a unit called Taylor Industrial Software. They make some plant management and HMI software as well as two packages for programming Modicon PLC's (which is kind of strange as TCP is owned by GE). Their website is at "":

Neil Taylor, the original founder, bought back part of the business in 1997, and is presently selling plant scheduling software called "TESS" under the name Taylor Manufacturing. Their website is "http://www.taylor.com":http://www.taylor.com .
I believe Taylor was purchased by Schneider... see "www.modicon.com":http://www.modicon.com . They offer the latest incarnation of Taylor's modicon programming software, ProWorx NxT.

I do not know if other elements of the Taylor's programming suite were spun off to other companies.