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Greg Goodman

The CVS tree for PuffinPLC now contains a lang/tcl directory with the source code and build environment for a dynamically loadable Tcl extension that implements a new Tcl command for interacting with the LPLC. There is an mmi/tcl directory containing monitor.tcl, a simple script for monitoring the point values in an LPLC. The demo/basic directory contains chaser.tcl, a Tcl GUI (alternative to vitrine) for interacting with the chaser demo. Note that the demo script, which starts vitrine, has not been changed. The simplest way to exercise the Tcl GUI (assuming you have wish 8.3 and have built and installed the lplc extension), is to run the demo in one xterm and execute chaser.tcl from another. Regards, Greg Goodman Chiron Consulting [email protected] _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]