TCP modbus gateway recommendation for use with TCP Modbus masters with no TCP modbus slave

I require to have 2 or more TCP modbus masters to communivcate between each other. There are no slaves involve. My understanding this can be achieved with TCP modbus gateway (or whatever the device is called). For the test setup, I plan to have DCS controller (FCU) installed with 2 pairs TCP modbus communication card (redundant). Attached is a simple configuration/architecture and plan setup.

Question : Please advise what device recommended to achieve the configuration. Any brand and model that is proven to work?


I recommend contacting Consteel electroncs. I also had a problem with the selection of Modbus TCP/RTU devices, the gentleman from Consteel electronics helped me choose the device and explained what and how to connect. Personally, I use the industrial gateway GW1114-4D(3IN1)
Red Lion DSPLE000 protocol converter should do the job, I have used this for converting other protocols and it can also do a lot of different Modbus configurations.