TDC3000 CG Interface to Modbus/Profibus


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Brendan Larkin

I want to get data out of a Honeywell TDC3000 CG on the LCN highway to Modbus or Profibus protocol. I know the TDC3000 PLCG or SI module is available but I need to get data from both TDC2000 & TDC3000. Is there a product already developed? Any ideas otherwise? IN: TDC3000 CG (software ver 53) HDLC protocol RS422 Full Duplex BiSynch OUT: Modbus (RS232 or 485) Profibus
Brendan: It appears that you are trying to use an existing package to do something for which it was not designed. You can always check with your local Honeywell support person as to the availability of that interface. However, there is a software/hardware package from Honeywell called the CLM that will add Modbus communications to an Application Module that resides on the LCN, without affecting the AM functionality. This will allow the CLM access to both TDC2000 data through an Hiway Gateway and to TDC3000 data through the NIM and send it out the Modbus port. From what I remember, the configuration of the points is a bit convoluted, but fairly easy once you get it figured out. Also, you can use the PLCG or the HPM SIO card to feed the data, using an Application Module to transfer data from hiway based points to the LCN/UCN device of choice. You will have to write the CL code to do the reads and writes. In either case, the amount of data which the system can pass will depend upon the number of parameters desired and the frequency at which they are to be passed. Caution must be used to prevent overloading the HG, LCN or NIM/UCN. You will have to consult your documentation for the exact maximums. Good luck on whatever path you choose. John Beck Pennzoil Quaker State Refinery Shreveport, LA.

David McGilvray

Hi Brendan, M&R Automation has an interface to the TDC 2000 data hiway (direct connect) and TDC 3000 PLCG and SI modules (class software developed for all three options) for AutomationX. AutomationX also interfaces easily with both modbus and profibus. Check out or contact me directly offline if you would like further details. dwm [email protected]