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I want to load logic/ladder to the LM but Engineering Station cannot communicate with LM subsystem. I replaced the Interface card as well but still have problem.
Can anybody help me to troubleshoot the problem?
I am new to TDC3000 system.
The Logic Manager is really a PLC that is programmed from a DOS based Loader Program running on a computer. The Logic Manager Module (LMM) provides a communications interface between the PLC and UCN. You can save the ladder logic program to the history module and restore the ladder logic to the PLC, provided the key on the PLC is in the proper position. You cannot program the ladder logic from the Engineering Station. Suggest you review the documentation provided with the installation, including LM02-500, LM03-500, and LM12-500. (The number after the dash refers to the LCN release.) Also please provide the following information about your installation:

1. Has the PLC ladder logic been loaded using the MS-DOS Loader 623-60?
2. What is the UCN Status of the LM (Offline, Alive, Warning, Fail, OK)
3. Has the LMM operating program and point data been loaded?
4. What position is the key switch on the PLC in?
5. Has the ladder logic been saved to HM?

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By Engineering station do you mean the US or the PC connected to LM processor port?

For Logic Managers program editing has to be done thru the PC. Any onlines changes made need to be saved on the PC harddisk for future upload.
If your problem is interfacing PC to CPU please tell the details of interface card used.

Alternatively LM program can be stored on TDC for download thru NIM , but editing would not be possible.